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“We were having problems with the IRS. I hired Natalya because she was a tax attorney and a CPA. Natalya is also very detailed and knows the law. She knows how to deal with IRS agents. As soon as I hired her the harassing communications stopped. She was able to negotiate with the IRS and the state and the outcome was much better than I was expecting. I would and already have recommended her to my clients.”

Richard W., Contra Costa County


“My CPA at the time was extremely incompetent. His failure to follow the new developments in the law caused me thousands of dollars in penalties from the IRS. We hired Natalya on a recommendation of another, very reputable attorney, because of Natalya’s knowledge of complex cases like mine, her understanding of the law, and staying up-to-date on the new developments in the law. Once she took over my case, she was able to reduce the penalties by almost 90% – that is 10 cents on the dollar! I am so grateful for Natalya’s help. Although it was very hard work for her, and it was extremely stressful for me, I was impressed by how approachable and flexible she was.”


John W., Monterey County



“We were being audited and I wanted the very best CPAthere was in the Bay Area to handle my case. I did a lot of research and that is how I found Natalya. I discovered she was not only a CPA but a tax attorney who had worked for the IRS! That put her above all the rest. You are getting a top individual who is at the top of her game. She is an elite person with high customer service for a reasonable rate. She is caring, responsive, plus she can deliver. That is what I was looking for when I researched CPAs and that is what I got with Natalya.”


Greg N., Santa Clara County



“The IRS is scary. Dealing with them left me sleepless many nights in a row. That’s until I found Natalya. She was able to bring my debt with the IRS to ZERO! Even when the IRS came back and argued, I wasn’t worried because I knew Natalya was there. Natalya has great reviews for a reason and people like her work – and so do I!”


Ivonne B., San Francisco County