Tax Planning

We take a proactive approach to tax services so we can help you in reducing the amount of taxes you pay and so you can achieve your financial goals. We stay current on changing tax laws and legislation so you don’t have to.

Our approach held differently than other CPA firms. Natalya Attestatova’s team focuses on collaboration, both internally and with you, to consistently identify key tax planning opportunities that can minimize both your current and future tax liabilities and help you put these plans in action throughout the year.

Why we are different?

Our team meets once a week to stay abreast of the revolving tax landscape and to collaborate on practical, unique ideas and ways to apply them within the tax law. Our approach truly makes all the difference, allowing you the opportunity to save on taxes, remain compliant and often offset the investment you’ve made in us. In fact, our engagements are specifically structured around providing the flexibility to meet with you regularly so we can stay on top of your evolving businesses. We always want our advice to be proactive and on-point.