IRS and FTB Audits

Tax audits could be very scary, cumbersome, and costly, especially, if they are not handled well from the very beginning. Hiring a tax attorney to help with an audit can benefit you in many ways. It can significantly bolster your chances of getting a fair outcome. Many people don’t realize that audits can go both ways and you may actually end up being owed money after an audit. A tax attorney can analyze your situation and find the best strategy to take in order to get the best outcome.

By allowing us to represent you, we will be able to help you in the following ways:

  • Any and all audit communications to you directly will stop. They will be directed to us, and we become the point of contact with the IRS or State tax agent assigned to your audit.
  • Proactively research any tax situations that may come up during the audit.
  • Respond to the IRS and state tax agents’ inquiries and requests for information.
  • Meet with the IRS or State agents in person, if required.
  • Negotiate and settle taxes owed if you end up owing more money during the audit and cannot pay.